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Well, don’t you have a beautiful eye

We love photographers. The way you see things. The way you express what you see.
You inspire us. Still Life with Kink accepts all genders, adult ages, races, as well as orientations,
presentations, and experience levels in both models and photographers. We love all people and
we expect our photographers to do the same. If you are open to diverse and unique
photographic opportunities, please join us.

  • About you
  • What you're into

Tell us about Yourself

Don’t be shy. We want to get to know you. This information is private and will not be
distributed or sold. This is for us to match you to the right model for your goal, as well as the
right scene and to help you achieve your end result, either professionally or personally. Please
know that this is not registration for any specific event, but rather a space for us to learn about
you and your limits.

NOTE: Please provide at least one image of yourself
or headshot, and at least one image that you have taken with that talented eye of yours. It
doesn’t have to be kinky, we want to see which image you love that you’ve taken.

Oh, the great things we love to do

Now, why don’t you tell us what you are interested in shooting?

Select as many as you like or things that are NOT hard limits! We are here to explore
together in a safe and consensual environment.